Virtual Workshops

Michigan Wrap Training August, 2012:  These three workshops are a series designed to help folks update their wraparound skills:

Michigan Wraparound Training, June – October 2010:  The following day long workshops were offered by John at various sites in Michigan:

  • The Blue Triangle – An updated look at how wraparound can be used as an effective approach to helping youth in the juvenile justice system and their families.
  • Bouncing Back – An in-depth exploration of how the principles of resiliency and recovery can help invigorate and inform wraparound practice.
  • The Art and Craft of Facilitation – An advanced practice workshop for child and family team facilitators
  • Results Oriented Wraparound – A workshop designed to help wraparound practitioners move from a focus on process to helping youth and families achieve positive outcomes.

The Michigan Wraparound Bootcamp, April 2009: The MI Wrap Bootcamp was the speed dating version of wraparound training. Pat, Neil and John each presented 6 workshops within a 2 day span. Take a deep breath and jump in.

The following were John’s 6 workshops:

  • Defining Your Role As A Facilitator
  • Tips for Focusing on Relavant Needs
  • Good Record Keeping
  • Managing Team Conflict
  • Preparing for Facilitation
  • Working with Visuals

Pat’s workshops are listed here:

  • Evaluating Your Team Process
  • Crisis and Transition
  • Self Awareness and Personal Bias
  • Managing a Meeting
  • Facilitating For Results
  • Types of Facilitators

Neil’s workshops are listed here:

  • Unpacking the Service; Doing More Than Meeting
  • Managing Group Confrontation
  • Maintaining a Sense of Momentum
  • Planning Techniques and Gimmicks
  • Incorporating Informal Supports
  • Re-energizing Teams

Reduced funding for human services have caused many agencies to drop or dramatically reduce the training opportunities they are able to offer for their staff.   The following web-based presentations are offered as a small alternative.  The Hows and Whys of Wraparound is an in depth examination of the theoretical foundations for wraparound as well as a discussion of how to do wraparound planning, and a description of some of the pitfalls to avoid.  Authentic Intervention is a workshop on using a strength-based and family-centered approach in child welfare practice.  And finally, Goodness of Fit is an introduction to the challenges of using wraparound in a managed care environment.  Although clicking through an on-line presentation is no replacement for the give and take and mutual support at an in-person workshop, I hope that you find these offerings to be somewhat helpful.  And you can always click through them with a friend or two.

  • The Collaborative Toolkit
  • Exploring the whys and hows of wraparound
  • Authentic intervention: An integrated approach to child welfare practice
  • Goodness of fit

The San Francisco Wraparound Institute:  This was a 5 day workshop presented over the course of three months in late 2007 and early 2008 by John, Pat and Joe Anne Hust.  The first two day session focused on the basic elements of the wraparound method, the second two days on the application of the method and two special issues: developing safety and crisis plans and the art of facilitation.  The final day was the Wrap Olympics, a chance for the participants to practice what they learned.