In this section of the website we provide links to view presentations from recent workshops. 

John’s Workshops

Thanks to everyone who came to the Ohio Wraparound Conference in September of 2013 hosted by Clermont County’s Fast Trac Wraparound project.  The following set contains all six workshops I presented, plus a handout for the Wraparound Jones keynote.

Here are presentations from earlier conferences and workshops:

Pat’s Workshops

  • The Role of the Provider in System Change and Practice Improvement Efforts: Moving from Rhetoric to Action
  • Family Support Partners, Family Involvement and Peer Parent Support: A Discussion in Child Protective Services Administration
  • Los Angeles County: Wraparound & Supervision
  • Parent Partner Training at Hathaway-Sycamores, November, 2006
  • Brainstorming and Creative Planning, October, 2006
  • Using Strengths to Meet Needs, FSA, San Francisco, California, January, 2007
  • Wraparound Orientation, Catholic Community Services, Spring, 2007
  • Wraparound Management & Leadership, UC Davis, Summer, 2007
  • Wraparound Orientation, Contra Costa County, California, June, 2007
  • Increasing the Precision of Intervention: Needs, Crisis & Safety, Gilroy, California, June, 2007
  • Crisis and Safety Planning: What’s the Difference, July, 2007
  • Meeting Needs, Seneca Presentation, June, 2007
  • Better Together: Pierce County, Washington Work Session, Catholic Community Services, February, 2008
  • Outcomes & Anchors, Orange County, California, June, 2008
  • Wraparound Facilitator Training, Defiance County, Ohio July 2010
  • Supervision & Wraparound: Conversations with Washington State Wraparound Pilots: August 2010
  • Team Building for Improved Outcomes, Washington DC, September 2010
  • Crisis Planning & Safety Programming, Georgia 2010
  • CAMHD Summer Conference Miles 2016