High Fidelity Wraparound is a Calgary, Alberta based collaborative partnership among several agencies. Staff members from each of these agencies facilitate the wraparound for families and provide training on the use of the wraparound approach.

The National Wraparound Initiative is the place to start for information about all things wraparound. The well-stocked website includes resource guides, articles on wraparound basics, and research updates. If you join the initiative you can have access to a variety of additional tools.

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. A state child advocacy agency whose web site includes links to advocacy resources from around the country.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. They offer an abundance of news, downloadable materials and information about grant availability.

The Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice. A national technical assistance and research center, with a page that can be used to carry on an interactive discussion with John VanDenBerg, one of the godparents of the wraparound approach. This site also has links to dozens of other national technical assistance centers.

The Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children’s Mental Health at Portland State University. A University affiliated research and training program with a rich tradition of investigating and documenting the benefits of family centered services. Many publications and other resources are available on their website and through the mail.