Directive Supervision

The Directive Supervision system is a supervisory system  that employs three major components in strengthening and increasing the reliability of supervisory and management practices.  The three components of the Directive Supervision involve:

1. Values based communication that ties staff expectations and specific job duties to the  values base of the organization,
2. A positively based, behavioral coaching model that requires supervisors to set behaviorally specific expectations and to use an action oriented coaching model when correcting staff behavior and
3. Data gathering and analysis completed by the supervisor that views information from at least three different perspectives (employee, supervisor, family) when assessing staff competence. 

Other key components of this system include aligning Human Resource functions and supervisory functions, implementing consistent supervisory practices from hands-on supervisors to executive staff and increased involvement and transparency of families in HR functions.

In this section of Paper Boat you will find materials providing an overview of the Directive Supervision approach, recent Power Point presentations from Directive Supervision workshops, and a collection of on-line tools for implementing the approach.

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Power Point Presentations

  • Directive Supervision
  • Hathaway-Sycamores Presentation, May 2006
  • Wraparound Milwaukee Supervisor Presentation, October 2006